5 Mantras to Evolve Your Greatness

Updated: May 7

If you have been feeling a little down or unmotivated lately, here are a few mantras to help light that fire and bring back your inner greatness!

Mantras can have a strong impact on your self-esteem. Saying one (or a few) every day creates stepping stones to make you feel better and will ultimately benefit your confidence and overall wellbeing.

"I Will Achieve Great Things Through Small Steps"

One of the things I have struggled with in the past (and still to this day) is recognizing that many things take small steps to build up to reach your goal. Starting with a concrete foundation on your planning and persistence takes time, and you want to make sure that when you reach your goal you are able to sustain it for the long haul.

Sure, diving right in to make something big happen can work from time to time, but it is often better to increase your chances of achieving your goals by making calculated moves. Step by step is key!

"I am Doing This for Me"

Remind yourself of your ultimate reason for doing what you do. I have to do this literally every day. Starting my own business has always been a goal of mine. I knew I wanted to help people, and reiki gave me the ability to use my skills and really hone in on how I could help others. Creating this business has fulfilled ME in more ways than one:

- The satisfaction I get from my clients, knowing that they feel better with each session is such an amazing feeling

- I am SO grateful for clients referring me to others so that I may continue to grow my business

- Because of this business that I have created, I am able to provide for my family in a manner that better fits our schedules

- I am constantly reminding myself of just how hard I worked to get here.

I feel as though many people forget to acknowledge the level of effort they have put in to reach their goals. No matter how small you might think that goal is, the fact that you made it to that next point in your life is AMAZING! Please do not forget that. Always remind yourself and thank yourself for getting you where you are today. And look forward to the opportunities that await you because you made it to this point.

"One Year Equals 365 Possibilities"

Think about it, each day is a new possibility, for anything you put your mind to! You could set a bunch of mini-goals, or you could set one big goal that you work toward each day. I recommend keeping a planner or journal to set your goals and track your progress. Being able to check things off your list gives your mind that subconscious pat on the back to tell you that you are doing a great job.

"All is Well in My World"

Even if things around you may be a bit of a struggle, remind yourself that YOU are feeling good, and everything is going to work out. When you remind yourself that all is right in your world, you are training your brain to see the positive side of things. When you do this, you are putting positive energy out into the world, and positive things will come back to you. Things will start working out in your favor because you are reflecting positivity onto others. The universe will 'hook you up' in a sense. Putting 'good' out into the world will bring you 'good' in return.

"I am Worthy of My Dreams and Goals"

You deserve EVERY bit of your dreams and goals, and don't you forget it! We are all deserving of what we want to achieve in life, and when you take the steps to get there, you are pushing that much more to earn what you rightfully deserve.

Let me know which mantra is your favorite! Or if you have your own mantra you like to use, feel free to share it in the comments with others.

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