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I recently came across the Crystal Herbs website while I was trying to find holistic products to recommend to my clients. They have an abundance of unique essence blends that they have been crafting and mastering for over 30 years!

What are essences?

Essences are a homeopathic remedy that someone can take orally (through a tincture from a dropper bottle or sugar pill). There are also aura essence sprays that help balance you and your surrounding environment. The concept and development of essences started with Dr. Edward Bach. Edward Bach was born in 1886 and started his career as a bacteriologist. In the early 1900s, he had his own laboratory in London where he spent his time researching vaccines. He became a doctor in 1912, and 5 years later began treating soldiers who came home injured from battle.

Dr. Edward Bach - holistic doctor - virology doctor
Dr. Edward Bach (image credit: bachcentre.com)

He eventually needed treatment of his own when he collapsed from hemorrhage. He was given three months to live. This is where he began to study people for their whole being, and not just research the viruses that take over the body. Because of his knowledge of vaccine development, he was able to create a variety of homeopathic nosodes. Nosodes are a type of homeopathic remedy that comes in the form of sugar pills or in a dropper bottle with a water or alcohol base to it.

His ultimate goal was to utilize natural matter to help fight ailments rather than using a product that was created from disease in order to fight disease.

He spent the remainder of his life dedicated to creating these homeopathic remedies for people to use for generations to come. Dr. Bach passed away in 1936, leaving his legacy behind for future doctors and specialists to embrace.

How do the creators at Crystal Herbs make their essences?

It starts with their "Mother Tincture," as they call it. This is the universal base they use for all of their essences. From there, they take their main medium (a flower, crystal, etc.) and infuse the tincture with the essence of that medium. In addition to the dropper bottle essences, they also offer aura sprays.

They pride themselves on their handmade products and take great care in creating each batch and filling every bottle. They believe the positive energy that is put into making the product flows into the product itself. The happiness and love that they put into their essences are reflected upon use.

What are the different types of essences?

Crystal Herbs offers a variety of essence options, below you will find just a few of the MANY options they offer...I am briefly touching on each of these with this post. I will feature each essence type within its own upcoming blog post so you can learn more about each one and which might benefit you.

Single Gem & Crystal Essences

If you are a lover of all things crystals, like me, then I would recommend taking a look at these essences. Each bottle is infused with a specific crystal or gem to help you increase your vibrational energy and assist with certain conditions. There are 214 different gem and crystal essences created by Crystal Herbs.

Single Flower Essences

With 235 different flowers to choose from, you are sure to find a tincture specific to your unique emotional and spiritual needs. As a former florist and avid gardener, I am amazed at how many tinctures Crystal Herbs offers in the floral varieties.

Chakra Essence Combinations

These essences are great to use in combination with reiki therapy sessions. These particular tinctures assist with opening and rebalancing all of the chakra points throughout your body. So if you are interested in learning how to open up chakra points, this is a good start.

What is the Heart Connection Set?

The Heart Connection Set on Crystal Herbs features 10 different essences. You can use them all for your own personal needs or you can share them with friends and family!

1. Angel of Love - assists you in receiving more unconditional love in your life within the areas it is needed by helping you realize the difference between unconditional love and emotional attachment.

2. Awakening the Heart - helps you to move on from old, potentially unresolved problems and pain relating to love.

3. Fuchsia - helps you to release feelings of fear, anger, and resentment within your heart chakra.

4. Heart Chakra - helps you open up your heart chakra to receiving unconditional love so you do not suffer from feelings of loneliness, isolation, lack of trust, and things of that nature.

5. Heartfelt Forgiveness - this is one I could particularly use - assists you into bring old situations to the foreground so you can forgive, move on, and get on with your more fulfilled life.

6. Inner Wisdom - helps you tap into your inner knowledge and dive deep into your soul to bring forth your wisdom to open more avenues in your life.

7. Open to Receive - assists with the abundance in your life. Whether is it money, friendship, relationships, work, this essence will assist you with being open to receiving the abundance of wealth the universe has to offer.

8. Purity of Heart - assists with moving on from feelings of shame or unworthiness in your life so you can accept the unconditional love that you truly deserve.

9. Ruby - assists with just about every emotion related to your heart chakra. Helps to give a boost in self-confidence, decisiveness, and more.

10. Unconditional Love - helps you connect with your true self and takes you deep into your heart chakra to connect with the unlimited supply of love within the universe.

You can use each one of these essences in conjunction with regular meditation and/or reiki treatments. Take note of the outcomes and results you see, you might be surprised what opportunities come along in your life!

Other Sales & Specials

For the month of January, Crystal Herbs is offering 20% select essences and essence kits.

You will find sales on individual essence tinctures, essence sprays, and essence sets. The Ten Remedies Set allows you to select 10 bottles of essence specifically for your own needs. They even have a quick guide with ailments to help you select which ones would be ideal for the particular moment in your life.

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If you need help deciding which essences to choose, feel free to email me and I can guide you to the appropriate products. Once you purchase your essence bottles, try them out and let me know in the comments, or send me a message to mention how they work for you!



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