After scheduling your first Reiki appointment with me, I will send you an initial client intake questionnaire to get to know you and what you are hoping to achieve from your Reiki journey.  The questionnaire will ask if there are any particular areas you would like to focus on in your therapy sessions.

Thank you for your interest in Beautifully Mystic.  I look forward to seeing you soon!



Enjoy a full therapy session to restore your energy points throughout your body.  Take a moment to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul through a full reiki treatment.

Sessions typically last around 45 minutes.

One-on-one in-person session

Takes place at your home (our studio location coming soon!)

Hands-on or hands hovering treatment

Serene meditative music played to help you relax the reiki energy

Distance session

(Most Popular for clients with busy schedules)

I will send you a text prior to beginning the session.  You can continue with your daily activities as I send healing energy to you.

*Zoom therapy sessions available upon request.

For Pregnancy

If you are feeling a little stressed or anxious at any time during your pregnancy, reiki can help ease your mind and relax your body.  Balancing your energy can also help to ease common aches and pains that come with pregnancy.  

Sessions typically last around 45 minutes.

*Please Note:

It is recommended to complete 2-3 full therapy sessions prior to beginning express therapy sessions.

Your fur baby can enjoy the benefits of reiki as well!  Reiki has been known to ease pain and help relax pets (among other benefits) when paired with veterinary maintenance if needed.   Animals are often some of the most accepting beings of reiki healing since their spirits are pure and open to receiving the energy.


The first few days (and sometimes weeks) of a newborn's life can be the most stressful as they become acclimated to the world around them.  Reiki treatments can help baby to relax and adjust to everything around them.  Babies tend to be the most receptive to reiki as they are just entering the world and their spirit is open to accepting the reiki energy.

Sessions typically range between 15-20 minutes.


Reiki treatments can benefit children of any age.  From infants to toddlers, children to teens, reiki can balance their energy centers and ease them of any life stressors they may be experiencing.

Sessions typically range between 15-20 minutes.

If you do not have time for a full reiki session, express sessions can be an option.  You can enjoy the benefits of reiki within a shortened amount of time to fit your schedule.

I recommend starting out with at least one month of full reiki therapy sessions 2-3 sessions) prior to beginning express therapy sessions.  This will allow your body to really absorb and adjust to the reiki energy.

Express sessions typically range between 15-20 minutes.

**Special Savings**

Beautifully Mystic offers clients custom bundling options for sessions to save you money! 


Contact me about combination sessions:

Reiki + Mindfulness

Meditation + Mindfulness

Recurring Appointment Discounts


Virtual Readings (sent via email)

(priced per person)

Each reading will have a typed message to explain the card(s).

"Card of the Day" - Single Card Reading - $10

"Past, Present, Future" - Three Card Reading - $15


"The Success Spread" - Five Card Reading to help provide inspiration if you are experiencing hardships or obstacles in your life - $25

"The Love Spread" - Six Card Reading to evaluate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connections with your partner - $30

"The Career Spread" - Seven Card Reading to help provide guidance if you are experiencing challenges in your professional life - $35

"The Spiritual Spread" - Eight Card Spread to help provide insight ahead in your spiritual journey - good if you are experiencing worry or fear and you need some guidance - $40

Call or Text

to setup your tarot reading

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