What is

Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that provides deep relaxation for the recipient.  It starts with the healing and balancing of your body's chakra centers.  When your body is able to reach such a deep state of relaxation, it promotes better recovery from stress, tension, and physical ailments.  

Reiki therapy is an excellent holistic option to pair with your regular physical and/or mental healthcare treatment. 

The practice of Reiki is growing in popularity each day throughout the Western world.  You will find reiki practitioners providing their services in hospitals, cancer treatment centers, veteran and military establishments, and even veterinarian facilities.

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You may notice your mind wandering at night while trying to fall asleep.  Or maybe you have a hard time focusing on daily tasks.  Reiki is an excellent aid in relieving these obstacles.  Regular reiki energy healing sessions can help your mind refocus and reset to a less chaotic state.

What can I expect during aReiki Healing session?

A reiki session starts off with you laying down fully clothed on a therapy bench or wherever you are most comfortable in your home (like a couch or recliner chair).  You may take the time to ask any questions you have prior to your session.   Your reiki therapist will then help you to clear your mind and guide you into a deeper state of relaxation as you close your eyes and listen to the ambient music that will be playing.  

Once you are relaxed, your reiki therapist will hold her hands on or just above your body according to your preference.  This allows the healing energy to flow through your reiki therapist to you.  You do not need to worry about anything at this point.  You are simply there to relax and receive the reiki treatment.  Your reiki therapist will encourage you to set an intention for the reiki session, whether it be to sleep better, feel less stressed, or any other goal you might have.  Your practitioner will start the healing process, moving along to each of your main chakra points, and stop at your toes.  You will turn over onto your stomach (if you are able), and your reiki therapist will conduct the same treatment down your head, back, legs and feet.  She will then cleanse your aura to help remove any negative energy.

Things to consider:

- Your reiki therapist will work closely with you to develop the best treatment methods for you.  For example, any physical ailments that may prevent you from laying on your back or turning over.  There are options for other positions during reiki such as sitting.

- You may feel certain sensations during your reiki treatment.  These can include but are not limited to, feeling cold or warm temperatures in the areas where you are receiving treatment, tingling sensations, or pulsing sensations.  You may even feel nothing at all, and that is okay too.  With your intention set, and your willingness to accept the reiki treatment, you are opening yourself up to the healing process.

- Be sure to drink water before and after your reiki session to stay hydrated.

- Your therapist will ask you how you are feeling before and after your session and take notes in order to make modifications to your reiki treatment program as needed.

- Reiki can be an intense and sometimes emotional experience for some.  You may cry during your session as a result of past pain or emotional trauma being released. This is completely normal and is something that is more common than you might think.

- Enjoy the experience.  Reiki is an opportunity for growth and healing.  Feel the positive changes within your body, and know that every day you are surrounded by love and support.


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